Our Publishing Agreement 

The Institute Music Publishing agreement is aimed at entry level artists, writers and producers. Our deal terms are consistent with other entry level publishing agreements, and our team will provide you with dedicated creative and administrative support to help you take your career to the next level.


We have strived to get our publishing agreement as simple as possible.

Our deal terms are standard non- negotiable.


  • Non exclusive - only register the songs you want to put through IMP

  • Headline royalty rate 80%

  • 70% for sync or 65% if IMP handle the master license and fee invoicing

  • Prior Approval rights for sync licensing outside of blanket agreements

  • Initial One year term

  • Twice yearly accounting


Our partnership with Sentric Music Group


Sentric Music Group are our global administration partners. Liverpool based Sentric Music Group  have become world leaders in music publishing and we are pleased to have partnered with them in a sub-publishing deal.



Signing Policy

We operate a strict A&R policy and will usually identify and reach out to people that we wish to work with. Our dedicated team is small so unfortunately we can only take on a handful of carefully selected writers, artists and producers


What is music publishing and why do I need a publisher?

Here is a link provided by Sentric that neatly explains music publishing.